Monday, May 16, 2011

Who is the Illuminati?

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Who is the Illuminati?

The world is pushing forward due to technology. Like little children we are playing with things we truly do not understand. Think about it the whole world has become one production process. As different nations provide different goods to nation's around the world to meet the world's demands. This was a diabolical operation, then came money manipulations. As fake wealth was created.

As the Illuminati designed a great plan to control the masses. They divided the world among their own brothering, but the world was not yet cultivated. Then they setup a system of finances to lend out money at interest rates. Money they really did not have because the world was not prepared for the harvesting that would have to take place.

The financial system which is the heart of capitalisms was based on projected production processes. These were the motivational components that created activities and moved the economy forward.

Now you should understand why Satan's time is up, he created a false economy world wide. The whole production processes were based on a lie, because at some point the debts had to be paid back, but how can you pay a debt when you created the debt living above your means and still continue to do so?

Do you understand the simple mathematics? Let me use simple numbers. If I go into debt because I make $100 and spent $110, then make $110 and spent $130 and then earn $150 and spent $200, based on a bank that had $10,000 but loans out $100,000, at some point we have to ask where is the money? When you have a lending institution lending out money they have not and the borrowers being big corporate America and the government spending money they did not yet earn. All based on how they could manipulate the GOD'S world.

Now if you understand what happened to create the economic crisis and World War Three, you can see that they the lending institutions, the Government and big corporations are all actually broke. And there are no more motivational components, because they did this all over the world. Therefore everybody is in debt. So now they borrow from each other, however the fact of the matter is that at some point nobody will be able to make even a minimum payment and continue to live on the fat of the land. Because the economy is not undernourished. There is nothing left in this financial system.

So who is the Illuminati? The Devil or Satan is an organization backed by a diabolical financial system designed to control the masses based on false promises of prosperity. Now their money is clearly worthless and they ran out of promissory notes.

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